4 Social Media Posts to Win Your Law Firm More Clients

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These 4 posts will help you create a simple and actionable social media plan that won’t take up too much of your time, and will set you on the right path to building a pipeline of clients from online sources. The goal is to create a recurring program of 8 to 12 posts a month.

Not only will social media help you get more direct clients, but having an active and engaging following will also provide social proof for potential clients who may be searching for your firm. Here are the main types of posts you should include in your social media strategy:

Happy Client Photos

If you’ve helped a client achieve their goals, make sure to take a nice photo with them. Smile, and showcase your firm’s signage somewhere in the photo so your brand is clear.

Potential clients considering your legal services will inevitably try to find information about you on Google to help make their decision. If they come across your social profiles and are greeted with photos of genuinely happy clients, they will undoubtedly view you in a positive light.

In the text of the post, write two to four sentences describing the pictured client’s case. Make sure to omit all confidential information, including any personal details other than their first name.

Don’t be misleading, and certainly don’t exaggerate about your accomplishments with that client.

Post Your New Content as It’s Made

Most law firms have their own blogs and detailed content on their website describing what they do. If you or someone at your firm is actively writing and updating your firm’s content, you should post articles as they are written.

The headlines on your social posts can be the first two to three sentences of your content pieces. These are especially effective if you invest in more detailed content, like infographics or ebooks.

For more information on how to build an easy-to-maintain blog that will bring in web traffic, we’ve put together a list of must-have content ideas for law firm blogs.

Topical/Trending/Current Event Posts

It is worthwhile to spend a few minutes each week exploring the trending topics on your social profiles, as well as any major holidays you can post about.

This is a great opportunity to tailor posts that people can relate to, or create relevant ads and promotions that will resonate.

Share Any Awards or Press Releases

Lastly, you’ll want to share any brag posts about you or your colleagues. Don’t be afraid to post press releases or updates about awards and achievements, as it will only add to your social proof.

A Few Guidelines

  • Use Organic Photos – When possible, post pictures that you’ve had taken yourself. These can include client photos and professional headshots. Avoid stock photos or logos if you’re posting about an event you’ve attended or an accomplishment for your firm.
  • Share on Your Personal Accounts – Whenever you make a social post that highlights something notable that your firm has done, share it to your own personal profiles. If you have employees, ask them to do the same.
  • Easily Repurpose Posts Across Channels – When posting to one of your social accounts, you can easily repurpose that content to your other accounts. For example, if you are posting a picture of one of your happy clients on Facebook, make sure to copy and paste that post to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ accounts as well. This will take little time to do, and can dramatically increase your reach.
  • Leverage Google+ (If There’s Time) – While Google+ typically isn’t top of mind for most people, it can still yield valuable traffic. If your posts get any positive engagement, that can factor positively into your SEO. However, if it is taking up too much time for you, feel free to treat it as a low-priority task.

A Quick and Easy Social Media Plan for Your Law Firm

If you’ve been wondering how to start a social media strategy for your law firm, use these four templates as a start. Make sure to always keep your social posts balanced between these post types.

Avoid posting tons of awards about your firms, as that may make you sound bragadocious. Likewise, if all of your posts are articles about case types and your services, your page will lack a much-needed human touch.

Keep up a healthy rotation of different content types, keep posts short and digestible, and always try to show the human side of your business.

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