Does Live Chat Appeal to Older Clients?

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Live Chat Across Generations

Live chat services have been implemented by a wide variety of businesses in recent years, and now they are the preferred method of contact for millions of consumers. By offering fast responses, clear communication, and anonymity, live chat outranks all other customer service channels, with a satisfaction rating of 73 percent compared to 61 percent and 44 percent for email and phone, respectively.

As live chat has become more prevalent, what was once thought to be a tool primarily for younger consumers has now gained favor across the generational spectrum. Older Americans are becoming more technologically savvy, and social media has played an instrumental role in that trend: more than 28 million seniors have a Facebook account, while nearly 20 percent of individuals 50 years of age or older are on Twitter.

Seniors are also making purchases online at a growing rate. A survey of their shopping preferences showed that the top reasons they choose live chat are convenience, no hold time, and the ability to multitask.

The benefits of live chat have extended far beyond the retail space as well, with a number of industries, including legal, medical, and real estate, adopting live chat for their websites in order to increase availability to their older client demographic. For many of those businesses, live chat has enhanced user experience by allowing customers to contact representatives even outside of business hours.

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