Content Marketing: What Is It and Should You Even Bother?

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Does This Ring Any Bells?

A client calls your law firm hoping to speak with a lawyer about their case. The introductory call goes well, you schedule a time for an in depth meeting to get the ball rolling, and spend the next day or so diligently preparing and researching precedents, only to have the client no-show on your meeting.

What Gives?

As a whole, lawyers are great at talking about their work. They are fantastic at patiently walking a client through their case step-by-step so the client can decide which course of action is right for them.

Once a client has bought-in, attorneys are great at talking about how they can best help their client. But all too often, lawyers struggle to talk about how they talk about resolving a case. And that can make all the difference between a potential client giving you the nod, or walking away and leaving you empty-handed.

It is critical that you understand how to speak the language of your clients. You should always present them with the information that is both right for them, and that they are looking for.

Too often lawyers broadcast to the world all sorts of complex information that consists of the things they want their clients to know. Meanwhile, the clients couldn’t care less! Even if you schedule an initial meeting with a promising potential client whose case you’re excited to take, if they read a bit more into your firm and don’t like what they see, that could put the kibosh on the whole case.

Don’t Bog Down Your Clients with Jargon

If you run a law firm, you probably hear all sorts of buzzwords from marketing vendors. SEO this, PPC that, rank #1 on Google, and on and on. It can feel like you’re bombarded with spam emails talking about how someone has found the secret bullet to keep your docket full to the brim without you ever lifting a finger again, if only you sign a year long $50,000 contract with them that you can’t back out of.

Isn’t it so frustrating when you find a new service that might benefit your law firm, but struggle to find any contact or pricing information on their website?

This is exactly how your clients feel when they come to your site for more information, only to find complex legal information or a sparse and neglected company homepage.

Is it worth investing in content marketing?

So How Do I Prevent Clients From Losing Interest?

The answer: invest in accessible content.

When people use the term content marketing, they are simply describing the umbrella terms for the different ways people can read about you on the web. There are many different types of content, and many different ways you can plan, create, and report on content that are much more intuitive than it might seem at first.

Putting it all together, the question simply becomes: Do you want your clients to feel confident and comfortable that they made the right choice working with you or not?

If the answer is yes, and you’re worried that your content may not be up to par, here are a few things you can do to improve the content on your website:

Start an FAQ Section on Your Website

Make sure your firm website has a set of pages that potential clients can browse through with easy to digest information related to various case types. These should include pages dedicated to explanations of the process of filing a claim, what clients should expect in a specific case type, how they can calculate award values, and other such topics.

The language should be plain and simple, and as accessible as possible. A great example of a well written FAQs page can be found on our client Merlin Law Group’s website.

Create a Blog

Having a continually updated series of blog posts on your site can show potential clients that you are an authority worth hiring. Much like a FAQ section, a law firm blog can be more oriented toward current events and press releases. This is a good resource if you want to put your firm’s awards and accolades on display.


Having a page on your website devoted to testimonials will help win over more potential clients. Consumers are sick and tired of hearing the same old marketing pitches and hype over and over again.

Providing a verifiable third party source of praise can do wonders for your firm’s reputation in the eyes of your clients. Another one of our clients, Rasansky Law Firm, has a great example of a simple, clean testimonials page that took no time to make, but helps them bring in valuable clients.

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