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You’re passionate about running your law firm. Though you don’t have the time to get a master’s degree in marketing, you know how important it is to make sure your law firm stays ahead of digital trends. Without a doubt, if you completely ignore your website, SEO, and PPC, you may still have a trickle of clients coming to you every month for help. But you don’t want that – you want a torrent of new business.

Fortunately, sound law firm marketing is not rocket science, and the team at Client Chat Live has put together a manageable set of time efficient tasks that even the busiest attorney can find time for.

The Key to Success

Every law firm that excels at marketing uses a plan. First, you must examine what you already have, what is working, what needs improvement, and what you need.

For example, maybe you have a very strong system for gaining referrals, but no presence on social media. Perhaps you have many Google reviews, but very little activity on Avvo, Yelp, or Facebook.

Balance is crucial when crafting a marketing strategy, so take a holistic view on all of your internet-based activities.

Social Media for Law Firms: Does It Work?


Attorney at Work ran a study of law firms, and found that 70% use social media as part of their marketing strategy. That number has steadily increased year over year.

LinkedIn and Facebook were the top two most used platforms, with Twitter as a clear third place. Other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest were used less.

However, when asked which platform was most effective, Facebook was the clear standout. We recommend keeping you Facebook profile as up to date as possible with your business address, phone number, and hours of operation. Even if you aren’t regularly posting content, having adequate information for a potential client to contact you will go a long way.

While it is difficult to tie a direct relationship from social media to new clients, it should be clear how important it is to cultivate a positive public image for your firm.

If you are able to show the personal side of your firm on social media, that will go a long way towards winning over potential clients. We’ve seen our clients achieve great success using photos of attorneys with happy clients.

It is impossible to deny that engaging, publicly available content can set you apart from the dozens of billboards, radio commercials, and TV spots that people are inundated with each day. If you are able to send a positive message across while telling a story, you are sure to win over some clients.

For more in-depth guides on social media, check out our;4 Social Media Posts to Win Your Law Firm More Clients.

Show How Great You Are with Online Reviews

Online reviews are not only a great source of SEO, but they have a big impact on your public reputation. It is important to implement a system in which you are periodically cultivating new reviews on Google, Yelp, and Avvo.

We believe Google should be prioritized over the other platforms, but it is important to have a presence on all three websites. Some common techniques law firm’s use to gather new reviews are to include a testimonial section in client questionnaires after cases have closed, with an optional prompt to post online.

Be careful, however, to obey online policies for reviews. Google, for instance, just updated their review policy so that they now prohibit soliciting reviews in bulk, as well as selecting only clients who are willing to give positive reviews.

Lead Clients Right to Your Doorstep with Blog Content

Writing content for your website does not have to be overwhelming or time consuming. If you haven’t already created a blog on your website, it’s never too late.

List out every valuable case or claim type that your law firm can take on. Next, prioritize those topics in order of most to least desirable.

Once you have your list, write short, 500 to 600 word pieces for your blog that go over core details of each case type. You can repurpose several main themes across each content piece.

Having a set of web pages that detail information about your capabilities will allow search engines to point eager potential clients to your website, and can have compounding effects over time.

Invest in a Live Chat Provider

One of the most noticeable trends over the last 10 years for law firms is the implementation of live chat providers. Having an instantly accessible person ready to answer questions can have massive effects on gaining new clients.

At Client Chat Live, We Are a Leading Live Chat Solution

Our 24/7 live chat operators are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions to law firms and their clients nationwide. We offer a fully customizable service, in which you have full control over the messaging and visual aspects of the chat experience.

We are always available to field calls and are happy to give you a free quote for your law firm. Call (808) 495-0932 or email us for more information.