Easy Ways to Improve the Client Experience at Your Law Firm

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Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. – John D. Rockefeller

Running a law firm is not easy. Running an exceptional law firm is even harder.

While it may be tempting to focus only on growing your client base through traditional marketing channels, you may be missing one of the best client acquisition channels of all: word of mouth.

Word of mouth is not limited to the offline world either. According to the American Bar Association Journal, 33% of legal consumers start their search for an attorney online.

If you are ignoring both real-world and digital word of mouth, including online reviews,

The best way to get your existing clients spreading the good word about your firm to their community is by providing stellar service and doing right by those you serve. Once you are set on that as your goal, there is no limit to how impactful your firm will become to your community, and how much you will be compensated for your service.

How Do Great Law Firms Provide Exceptional Service?

The answer to this question may seem complex, but if broken down into small pieces, it is not difficult, and can lead to huge returns.

How to Set Up Your Law Firm

If you’ve read some of our other content, you’ll notice a recurring theme: building systems. We believe the best way to get more high quality clients for your law firm is to put processes in place that help do the work for you.

  • Make it clear how clients can contact you – make it a habit to include your phone number, email address, and social media channels to all advertisements, hand-outs, and brochures. Ensure that potential and existing clients always know how to reach you.
  • Enable auto-replies – add an auto-reply to your email that let’s people know that you will respond. This small step reassures people that their email doesn’t fall into an abyss, never to be read.
  • Create intake procedures – whether you, a secretary, or a dedicated team handles client intake, make your process pleasant and professional. Create a script and flow chart of how new client messages should be handled. Create easily accessible FAQs on your website for interested potential clients.
  • Invest in a live chat provider – A live chat service on your website will start the ball rolling on any client interactions, and will go a long way to capture the attention of quality potential clients who may not have the time to write up an email or make a phone call. Learn How Affordable and Easy It Is to Install Live Chat

By setting up these processes, you will reduce friction faced by your potential and current clients, and create a better client experience at your law firm from the onset.

Address Angry Clients Offline

If you have any clients who have become disgruntled with your service, take the time to find out why outside of Google or social media. Reach out privately and try to set up a phone call. Instead of ignoring a one star review or responding to a negative comment about your firm on Facebook, use this opportunity to learn what went wrong and address it.

While this may seem like a waste of time at first, it can truly be worthwhile. Not only will you inevitably learn more how you can do better in the future, but if you correct the situation, your most disgruntled clients can turn into your strongest advocates.

Find a Service That Makes It Easy to Get Online Reviews

Enlist a service that can generate online reviews for you. These can provide an efficient way to reach clients, and gather important feedback for your firm.

You might feel that getting reviewed on Google won’t move the needle for your firm. The reality is, the most successful firms in the nation have stellar online reputations, and those that neglect this will get left behind.

Invest in the Future Success of Your Firm

Let me guess. You’re not interested in adding “digital marketing” to your resume.

You’re an attorney, or perhaps a partner, and you don’t want to waste time getting into the weeds of all the different marketing mumbo jumbo that people are constantly trying to sell you.

We get it.

At Client Chat Live, we’ve created an all-in-one solution to get you more clients, without investing any additional time. We set you up for success, so you can focus on practicing law.

Call (808) 495-0932&for a free law firm evaluation. We’ll walk through how you are currently doing, and how we can help get more clients, more efficiently.