Reduce No-Shows with 4 Simple Principles

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You could spend many hours preparing to meet with a new client, only to have them bail at the last minute, without explanation.

All of those hours you spent were wasted, along with the real monetary value of your time.

So How Do You Prevent No-Shows?

The answer is more subtle than you might imagine. After all, the potential client has already decided that your firm is worth setting up a meeting with. They’ve likely vetted your website, and maybe even asked their family and friends if they are familiar with your service – yet they still don’t follow through!

What could have happened?

The truth is that running a law firm requires skills more commonly found in business school than in law school.

Apply Sales Tactics to a Law Firm

The solution to your no-show problem can be found in an unlikely place: business-to-business sales. Sales leaders at companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, and other tech companies put a huge amount of effort into minimizing no-shows, and their work can have an incredible effect in the legal industry as well.

The ability to set and keep meetings will make or break a sales organization. Here are some techniques used by modern sales teams to reduce no-shows that can help you eliminate bottle necks at your firm and sign more clients.