Social media has dramatically changed the way people connect with other individuals as well as businesses. Savvy business owners and law firms utilize the major social platforms to connect with customers, keep an eye on trends, and build brand affinity. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you’ve never utilized the power of social for your law firm before. Here are a few of our tips on how to make the most of your law firm’s social media presence.

What Social Media Sites Should I Use?

There are many social media platforms available in today’s ever-changing internet landscape. Some of these will be better suited for attorney marketing and your individual business goals. While it isn’t important to be on every single social media site, it is important that you understand the unique culture of each of these platforms and adapt your message to fit for each.

Facebook is a platform commonly utilized by law firms. Facebook offers separate pages for businesses and opportunities to build communities on the site. Firms can even elect to boost certain posts (for a fee) to increase their views and reach. Twitter is a great resource for announcements or to refer followers to blog posts. LinkedIn is a common platform for businesses as it allows for longer format content, online resumes for individuals, and for businesses to identify their specialties.

YouTube is one of the quickest growing platforms for digital marketing. The site allows firms to post videos addressing common questions and introducing viewers to their firm and attorneys. YouTube is now owned by Google which means that YouTube videos are appearing more often at the top of search engine results. This can give you another opportunity to get your videos in front of potential clients and show off your law firm’s expertise.

Fresh, Quality Content

If a firm wants to engage customers and fans on social media, it should offer fresh and interesting content on a regular basis. Many law firms are already creating content for their websites as a part of their marketing strategy. Re-purpose your current content and post the best articles you already have via your social media channels.

Try to avoid using social media like a traditional distribution channel (such as print or TV). Instead, see it as a communication channel built on relationships. Try to create and share content that is helpful or entertaining to your audience rather than strictly about the sale. Add your insights on trending topics, post content that will provide a benefit to your readers, or highlight the personal achievements of your attorneys and show the human side of your firm.

Consistency is Key

One of the most important aspects of any social media marketing is consistency. Try to keep the schedule and frequency of your posts uniform. However, quality trumps quantity. Therefore, it isn’t required you post daily but try not to let your social media presence go stagnant.

A firm’s tone and voice should also be consistent with the firm’s public image. Part of marketing is developing and maintaining a brand; social media content should be consistent with the message and image that the firm wants to project to the public. You’ll want to keep your firm’s online persona professional and positive.

Final Social Media Tips and Best Practices

To improve the reach of your social media content, use hashtags in your posts. Don’t go overboard though – too many hashtags can actually lower engagement and appear spammy to readers.

When posting new content or articles to your website, add social media sharing buttons in an easy to find place. This will make it easy for your readers to share and distribute the content they enjoy for you.

Another social media must is to engage and follow up with your audience. Respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner and demonstrate the level of customer service they can expect from your firm.

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